George Stern’s Letter published in The Ham and High.



Upcoming Meeting: Friday 02/06 at 5.30pm #saveourlibraries

Save Highgate Library!
Stop the sell-off
WE need your help! Haringey Council want to sell the Highgate Library building to give £2 million to Jacksons Lane Arts Centre, which is a private charity that needs money for repairs.

Our Library has a beautiful, wheelchair-accessible, locally-listed building, with a wonderful community garden and wheelchair accessible WC.
Our Library is used by all generations:- families with young children, teenagers and adults of all ages up to and over 90.
Our Library, which was fully refurbished in 2002, has books, newspapers, DVDs and computers.
Our Library has a good range of free activities and paid for classes.
Our Library has one of the only ‘free of charge’ community spaces available in Highgate.
Our Library has wonderful staff we can’t afford to lose.
Our Library is not good – our Library is AMAZING!

Meeting: Friday 2nd June @5.30pm
Highgate Library


With your help and the help of people like you,
we can save Highgate Library