Save Highgate Library

Oppose the building sell-off

WE oppose the proposed co-location of library services with Jackson’s Lane Arts Centre, that would lead to the sale of our Library—and possibly to its demolition. It’s a lovely, accessible, public service and facility, used by families, students and individuals across Haringey and we want to protect and improve it. Haringey Council are prepared
to sell-off the building and give £2 million to a private charity—Jackson’s Lane Arts Centre. We want to keep our much-loved building for the following reasons:

WE would lose forever our purpose-built Library home that has housed the service for over 100 years and which is a bright, user-friendly facility, with a unique garden front and back, space for all users and the community to enjoy for free.

Highgate Library was funded by the Carnegie Trust and it belongs to us: not to Haringey Council.

A library service would instead, be housed in an Arts Centre which—even with refurbishment—would be an unsuitable place to site a library because of noise, conficts-of usage, lack of light.

Our Library would lose its autonomy and would become the junior partner in any merger with Jackson’s Lane. It would mean that—when the Arts Centre requires more space—the library service function would be forced to contract and probably in the end, disappear.